I've taken a playful cities course during my MFA studies about designing interactive media for city spaces, local places and communities. I’ve learned game design vocabulary and concepts in this class. As well as I've built an understanding of how to address social indicators and models for strengthening neighborhoods.

CoOperation was a group project. My team and I designed for this class. I've contributed with the team in the brainstorming/research process of the game design and I've also designed the logo, banner, shot during playtest, and edited the advertising video. 


  • Situation: Lunchtime at the University dining

  • Goal: Build cooperation even between strangers

  • Model: Relying on your partner builds cooperation

  • Mechanic: Players will need to cooperate within and across two teams to complete challenges

  • Indicator: How quickly and well the players cooperate on each challenge.

Technical Platforms:

  • Raspberry Pi powered puzzle box

  • Touchscreen based puzzle game

Team members:

  • Abrar Abulfaraj

  • Max Raabe

  • Ethan Goss-Alexander

  • Andrew Yim.

Advertising Video

Media Resources:

Vectors designed by Freepik

Music from Freeplay Music